Thursday, October 2, 2014

turn a band tee into a band crop top!


  • t shirt
  • scissors (i have fabric scissors but i didn’t use them for this diy since i want the more distressed, grungy look)

time: 15 minutes


step 1:

  • find a t shirt you want to cut
  • fold the hem of the shirt inward to determine how short you want it
  • make an incision a little lower than your waist because you can always cut it shorter if you want but you can’t cut it longer

step 2:

  • from the incision you’ve made, cut a straight line across the front of the shirt, and arch downward in the back
  • again, you can always cut it shorter so give yourself plenty of room
  • then cut off the sleeves at the seam
  • how thick or thin you want the width of the sleeves to be is up to you!
  • if you want them thinner, angle your scissors up with the arm holes, and cut diagonally towards the collar

step 3:

  • make an incision below the collar and cut it off
  • you can then use your own discretion to cut further into a scoop or v neck
  • now it’s ready to wear!

notes: this is a very simple diy, but it’s still pretty easy to make some wrong cuts. i would recommend trying this out on a t shirt you don’t care about before you do this to your favorite vintage band tee.

good luck & have fun!

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